Wet Coast Photo Who is Wet Coast Photo?

West Coast Heron

Our Approach

Wet Coast Photo is a place to showcase our photography. We find it important for us to have outlets for our creativity. Sharing music is one way of us being able to express ourselves. Sharing images is another. When we are able to take beautiful photographs that are not over produced but instead express and replicate the visual beauty we appreciate, we can share those pictures from our mind, and ultimately, share the emotions and passions we feel and express to you! It's with this passion and the desire to express beauty that we approach photography in general. Capturing a sense of emotion in images is what takes a visual representation and turns it into something great!

A bit about our gear

We shoot using Nikon cameras and gear. We tend not to bring too much stuff, We prefer to use just the camera and the available light or perhaps a single flash point. Using too much gear sometimes ruins the feel of the shoot. If you are looking for raw and unstaged, sitting in a room full of lights in front of a white sheet just doesn't follow that ideal. Raw, real, fresh, unforced... that is Wet Coast Photo. This works well for all the types of shoots we do. Portrait shoots look real and unstaged. Architectural shoots look warm and inviting instead of stark and white. Nature shoots need natural light to look real, this is simply the best way to go, hands down.

There are definitely times where increased production is needed, extra lighting, backdrops and even several, simutanious light and camera sources and when this is needed we can respond as necessary with more gear, and even when the budget and project requires it, with more photographers. There are several answers we can offer, send us a note, let's discuss your needs.

What we can do for you

We can take your picture for one. We can take pictures of just about anything. Drop us a line and tell us what you need. we know we are going to impress you. You might need just one photographer or you might need a whole crew, we have it all available, just let us know what you are after and we can tailor a package for your needs.