Wet Coast Photo

Victoria BC Photographer

Wet Coast Photo loves to take photos. Being a photographer in Victoria BC is easy, there are so many spectacular places to photograph here and elsewhere in British Columbia, you just simply never run out of people, places and locations to enjoy. Living on the wet west coast allows a photographer in Victoria British Columbia to choose from so many different types of subjects.

Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is unique in this area of the world, you have everything from heritage homes to custom built condos and penthouses to modern lavish mansions on the water. Find out more about our services and how we can help showcase your home or business better than anyone else. We are also working with BC Vacation Rental Management companies who can assist in marketing your vacation rental in BC.

Portrait and Wedding Photography

The people of Western Canada are so diverse in their appearance that to live here and do portrait and wedding photography is to live everywhere in the world. Thank's to the spectacular vistas of Victoria BC and the surrounding Gulf Islands, this area is one of the most popular wedding destinations. Couple that with the wide diversity of people, it is the ideal location for any kind of shoot. We would love to photograph you, your family, even your pets. Drop us a line and we can discuss your needs!

Nature Photography

And then there is the nature. From deserts to rainforest. From old growth trees to ocean vistas. If there were only enough time to drink it all in, experience every vista, every forest, every lake, river and ocean view, we would. That's one of the most spectacular parts of photographing nature, you can share it with others. We would be happy to shoot whatever you need, even in the most remote locations!

Wet Coast Photo

See photos you enjoy? Like to get a print or even discuss your need for a photographer? Contact us and let me know what you need and we would be happy to provide you with the photography services you require.

We love taking pictures and we know you will love the photography we do for you. We are willing to stand behind this promise. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the photography services we provide to you, there is no reason for us to charge you. What more could you ask for.

We are available for photo shoots and custom photography in and around Victoria BC and on Vancouver Island. We can also travel to Vancouver BC and up to Whistler BC. We specialize in taking photos of houses and homes, of people and places and of the wilderness. Real Estate Photography, Architectural Photography, Portrait Photography, Wilderness Photography, Photography Services, Wedding Photography, we do it all.